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Fun Fact:

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In the late 70s and 80s my father worked as a controller for Hilton Hotels. We lived in Flushing, located in the Queens borough of New York, and because he worked in Connecticut I would see him only on weekends. When I was seven, my dad was sent to Miami to assess the profitability of a new acquisition. Soon thereafter, my grandparents and I followed - moving straight into the hotel, living among the guests for almost one year.

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The hotel was called Las Villas; a huge resort with two separate buildings, an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, racket ball, a grand ballroom pavilion, and dozens of sweet little cottages surrounding a huge lake filled with mallard ducks and swans. I had free rein of the entire place and was everyone’s darling. The bartender would make me Shirley Temples and his very own version of a Cherry Coke (this was the early 1980s before Cherry Coke was invented). The chef would drive me all around the golf course in his golf cart where I would feed the ducks old bread rolls. One time, I was so overcome with ducks that I fell right into the lake. The chef sheepishly returned me to my grandmother sopping wet from head to toe.

But my favorite of all the staff was Mona. She was a very tall, elegant older woman who worked as the head cashier. She would allow me to play with her stamps and the pneumatic tube system where I would send drawings to other departments via the cylinder containers. Mona loved me, she was a widow with no children and sometimes my father would allow me to sleep over. There were literally hundreds of owls scattered throughout her house and a king size electric bed with bed sheets that smelled of lavender. I would adjust the bed controls until I was completely sandwiched in like a caterpillar in a cocoon.


This was the happiest time of my childhood; truly a magical time.