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The night is long but the day will come. Self-Transcendence is a story of recovery. A literal visual representation of breaking free from the fog that invades the mind and distorts thought. Freedom from the weight that paralyzes every muscle. No longer lost and yearning, but rejuvenated with a new found passion for life allowing the void to flood with light.

Anhedonia is a series of biopic conceptual portraits depicting states of being while under the veil of clinical depression. A cathartic psychological exercise, I initially created this work as a coping mechanism and means of self-exploration to examine identity, the loss of past identity, and the subsequent transformation of identity in wake of recovery. Projected through empathetic eyes, these jarring, powerful, raw images illustrate some of the most visceral of emotions belonging to the human condition.

As one evolving body of work, Anhedonia is a three part series of conceptual portraits entitled: Anhedonia, The Chamber; The HOLE; and Self-Transcendence.

This work was conceived through the use of medium and large format film photography. I find that an analog workflow allows for a slow, almost meditative pensive process.

Ultimately, my intent in creating Anhedonia was to utilize the process as a tool to deconstruct depressive disorders, examining how identity is manipulated by neurological and psychological manifestations. I encourage critical conversation relative to collective biases surrounding those afflicted by mental illness.

All prints are 10 X 10 in / 25.4 X 25.4 cm . ed. of five with one artist proof . archival inks on ultra-smooth cotton 330gsm paper . signed on recto